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The vision behind Moot* centres on bringing people together, pooling our time and knowledge and working collectively. Like any co-operative, much of Moot*’s success will depend on its members, and we’re keen for members to become invovled:  by coming along to events (e.g. our monthly moot*, workshops, market stalls, skill sharing sessions). by sharing their skills,  or getting involved in the day-to-day running of the co-op.

We believe that members will, in return, not only gain access to good quality materials & learn new skills, but also meet other artists, makers and craft lovers, and draw inspiration from the wealth of creativity that exists in the beautiful landscape that surrounds Glossop.



 About Moot* Fibre Arts

There is no limit on who can join depending on where they live, but we expect that Moot*’s membership services will be of most interest to people living in and around Glossop and nearby towns .

 Membership of moot*


Money raised from membership of  moot* will be used to finance the development of services for members and others, which will in turn generate enough income to enable the co-op to be financially sustainable in the longer term.   The minimum shareholding has been set at £50, but this can be made in staged payments over the course of a year. Members can put more than £50 in if they wish, however this won’t mean theyhave any additional influence – our rules are “one member one vote”.    

Owning a share won’t yield interest or dividends because any profits made will be re-invested in the co-operative or returned to Moot*’s members through discounts on services. The co-operative will be run for the benefit of its members.   Members can withdraw their share after a “lock in period” to be set by the committee, probably 1-2 years. After this time shares can be returned within a given notice period, however this is at the discretion of the committee and could be waived in times of financial difficulty.  Shares are a one off payment, but a small annual fee for members may be introduced to cover membership adminstration costs on a year to year basis.

 membership_form (blog)

 moot* is the trading name for Glossop Fibre Arts Limited, a recently formed members co-operative based in Glossop.

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