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We are a new co-operative of people who like to knit, embroider, weave or fashion anything from fibres.

We’ve come together to draw inspiration from the rich variety of creative talent that exists in Glossop and the hills around.

By co-operating together, we can make our imaginings a reality. We aim to collectively source great quality materials and offer them at a discount for our members.We also seek to support skills development in fibre arts, by organising workshops which are discounted for members, as well as skill shares for members only. We’ll also be working towards developing opportunities for members to sell their made items.

We’re a members co-operative registered as an Industrial and Provident Society.

Have any questions about the co-op?

Contact us at

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  1. Mark Savage permalink
    July 22, 2010 5:32 pm

    Just seen your piece in this weeks Advertiser, July 22 2010.
    If you ever need a space to exhibit you may wish to consider a room in Hadfield Hall, Hadfield.
    We are a community of volunteers working to get the rooms above and below the Library in Hadfield open again for the community.
    So far we have the smaller lower room open at £5 an hour or £15 for four hours.
    The room above the library is not yet available for letting out but would be fantastic for a future exhibition

    So if you ever want to put on an exhibition, please remember to see what we have to offer.


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