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Ian Mood

May 23, 2011


Landscape can be one of the most conservative of genres, but in the hands of a sensitive, questing artist it can become one of the most radical.

Ian Mood is an artist who is drawn towards the shifting vastness in which we live and have our being; an arena of powerful agencies that every so often remind us of their unpredictability and awesome might.

In an age that seems intent upon commodifying the natural world into near non-existence, Mood offers a salutary reminder of the protean energies of the natural world. In his paintings, fluid traces of paint swirl, gather and disperse, like the reflections on the surface of a disturbed pool, to create a perfect equivalence for the dance of light and colour that characterises our experience of the northern landscape. (Text by Michael Howard, M.A., F.R.S.A.)

rainy afternoon back picadilly

Ian is taking part in Derbyshire Open Arts weekend 28/29/30 May and will be at:

The Ghislaine Howard Studio Gallery, 7 Oak Street, Glossop, DerbyshireSK13 7AP

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