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Tracey Cupitt

May 16, 2011

blossom in vase

Text by Michael Howard, M.A., F.R.S.A.

Tracy Cupitt has painted all her life, but her experience studying textiles at Manchester Metropolitan University and her recent residence in Japan affirmed her belief in the significance of the decorative and her respect for the craft traditions of different cultures.

In her paintings shapes and colours work together in perfect accord. Here there are colours of name and no name: burnt cinnamons, pale pinks, warm peach, smoky lemon yellow and violent orange glow against the coolness of ice blues, lime greens and deepest indigo.

These paintings are imbued with light, not from without, but, it seems from within. The light radiates from the imagined space in which these flowers, vases, jugs and fabric have their being to illuminate the world of the viewer. This is an ideal space, a space of the imagination, of the senses.

pink flowers white vase

still life detail 5

Tracey Cupitt will be at The Ghislaine Howard Studio Gallery, 7 Oak Street, Glossop, Derbyshire SK13 7AP

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