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Little Barb & Simon Parkin

May 15, 2011

Yes, today we have a double artistic presence on the blog – Little Barb from Glossop Fibre Arts and Simon Parkin.

Little Barb 

Barbara makes jewellery  from buttons, ceramics and fabrics,  often mixed together in the same piece.  There was a particularly lovely and  delicate felt necklace incorporating silk and decorated with beads on the stall on Saturday. Barbara first learnt to felt at a workshop during last years Open Arts event – learning new skills and developing exisiting ones is all a part of  Open Arts. We can learn so much from watching artists  work and talking to them about their inspiration  and process.

But I digress – Barb has recently launched her website and it has been getting rave reviews across twitter and the blogosphere.

Each necklace is a one-off, designed and created by LittleBarb.  Barbara writes “I try to use vintage buttons where possible, I find the colour and finish often more interesting than modern buttons, athough I do use these too.
Fabrics range from silk to felt and the ceramic used is often porcelain, although I do use polymer clay too.  I am drawn to colour and this is often the starting point for a necklace.  I try to find colours that not only compliment each other but also those that have vibrancy because of their unusual juxtaposition. All in all my work is a mix of elements that interest and fascinate me.  I hope you too find them attractive too. ”

Barbara is showing her work at The Smithy Studios, 1 Smithy Fold, Glossop, SK13 8DD

Simon Parkin

Simon has been running successful open studios for ten years. He has been exhibiting nationally since 1995 in gallerys around the northwest at  such as Gallery top Matlock,as well as some of londons most prestigious gallerys like the hayse gallery ,london bridge , Karen Taylor gallery,Richmond and also at the affordable art fair. Simons work can be found in many private collections.

Simon writes “My  paintings are are a response to the enviroment here in derbyshire, a main concern within the paintings is to capture the everchanging light texture and colours of the peak district.I often use found objects such as pieces of heather and bracken to create highly textured paintings which have a strong sense of place…

Simons workshop is at 43 High Street East, Glossop, SK13 8PN

You can view work at  

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