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Women for Women

December 15, 2010

I’m still on the Christmas theme and I wanted to write a bit about this group. If you still have a present or two to buy then please have  a look at  the Women for Women website. You can send ecards (have we missed the post yet?) and donate online.

Women for Women write “We offer women market-based skills training so they can find employment or start their own businesses. Our goals are to strengthen women’s existing skills and to introduce new skills in traditional and non-traditional fields so women can access future employment opportunities. Economic self-sufficiency is a critical step for women to take their rightful place in the lives of their families and communities”.

Some of those skills are

  • Producing durable market baskets in Rwanda
  • Building greenhouses and teaching women how to plant, cultivate and sell flowers and vegetables in their local markets
  • Commercial Integrated Farming Initiative in Rwanda, Sudan and soon Afghanistan
  • Training and employing women in rural Afghanistan through a cooperative bakery
  • Forming a cooperative in Nigeria to create batik materials
  • Teaching embroidery and jewelry making in Afghanistan

As a co-op of fibre enthusiasts donating is a means to foster the development of the skills we all share.

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