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Christmas traditions

December 14, 2010

We decorated our tree tonight. This year we left the artificial tree in the loft and bought a wonderful real tree from Lymefield. It was so much bigger we spent last night moving furniture to make space for it! But tonight it was lights, tinsel and baubles all the way. I also broke with recent years (with tradition?) and colour co-ordinated the devorations – I haven’t done this for almost 20 years. My approach to Christmas has been more, more, more…colour, sparkle, tat. No plan, no colour scheme. And I liked it that way, so why do I find myself typing this in the glow of a gold and red (mostly) themed tree?

but then there are the exceptions – the turquoise, glittery elephant; the skiing Father Christmas; the white felt stocking decorated with multi-coloured sequins; the pink reindeer…etc. etc. All here because they are part of our Christmas, we have made our own traditions. Oh, and if you’re passing, our house is the one with the light up Father Christmas and the white tree (multi-colours lights, red, silver and purple tinsel) in the window.

I love Christmas.

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