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Last Saturday’s Single Cell Fundraiser for Moot*

August 4, 2010
Tom and Rosie at the Moot* fundraiser

We had a great night of eclectic music at the Oakwood on Saturday, with a bit of  something musical for everyone I suspect – orchestral electronica from Invertor, acoustic ballads by Phil Davies and some brilliant folk music courtesy of Rosie and Tim of the Aidan Smith Trio, minus Aidan Smith.

It was well attended and seemed to draw out Single cell fans as well as Moot* supporters and filled the venue up nicely.

Having counted up the pennies and distributed expenses I ‘m told that the good folk of Single Cell Collective have raised £41 for Moot*.

I’d like to say huge thanks to all the artists and supporters from Single Cell who came out to Glossop, and to the Moot* followers and others who came along in support of the night.

And also to the Oakwood for their help, Ray for all his sound related skills, and Redroom promotions who have brought some really fine musical acts to Glossop in recent times.

If you want to hear more from the artists,  live recordings of some of the sets are available online:

Invertor: listen here

Tom and Rosie: Listen here

You can also listen to Phil Davies on myspace at He’ll be releasing an EP shortlyas well so keep an eye out for that.

Oh, and thanks Phil – I fear we may now be known forevermore as “Glossop fibrous arts co-op”!

See you all again soon I hope for more fun with fibrous arts!


More infomation on Single Cell Collective here

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