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Garden Party this Sunday

July 6, 2010

The weekend is nearly upon us! Well nearly, and with it, the gloriously sunny (fingers firmly crossed) Moot Garden Party on Sunday 1-4pm  at the Labour Club on Chapel Street in Glossop.

This will be our very first fundraiser, so there are some small ways you can give our very new co-op a helping hand, all contributions will be greatly appreciated…

*Are you coming?*
So we can estimate food to buy for the barbeque, can you let us know if you are coming and how many of you there will be (and if you are vegetarian etc) by Friday by emailing (If you don’t tell us, don’t worry, you can still come of course!)

If you are feeling joyous and colourful at the mere thought of a garden party then we would love you to express that by way of bunting! – Still a few days left to make your triangles any way you fancy as long as its basically triangular, no more than 10 inches high and can be sewn to ribbon.
*For the knitters and crocheters there are bunting patterns here
*Sewn – see previous post for Carole’s exemplary sewing!
Or just let loose and do what you like best, in bunting form – and it doesn’t have to be perfect or highly skilled either. We just want your triangles (and you!) and we’re looking forward to seeing it all come together in a lovely colourful, jauntyline on Sunday.

*Old sheets*
As we will be playing around with some big needles and crochet hooks, we will also need big “yarn” to knit, so if you do happen to have any old sheets or duvet covers – you know – faded, holey, clogging up the cupboard, then we would love to refashion them into something interesting and probably quite chunky so please do bring them along with you.

*Yarn Sale*
And…another chance for a bit of a clearout here, we are having a bit of a yarn sale too, to raise some more pennies for the co-op, so for those with a stash of yarn in need of a bit of streamlining (Clue – open the cupboard and it all falls on your head) then please do bring down any odd balls of yarn – leftovers and rash purchases  ,preferably whole or nearly whole balls / cones. And if we don’t sell it we’ll keep it for workshops and skillshares so nothing is wasted.

Food is included in ticket price and drinks will be available from the bar.
and..if the sun doesn’t shine, we’ve got that covered, literally, as there is still plenty of room inside the Labour Club for us and the barbeque will still be going on in a gazebo, so it will be a “virtual” garden party instead!

So that’s it – See you on Sunday!

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