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July 3, 2010

I’ve almost finished my piece of Bunting…I spent yesterday evening hand sewing the triangle whilst listening to the Glossop String Orchestras. I’ve used some left over scraps of material – I think they had both been used as bag lining. I drew a triangle on paper (newspaper is good because its flexible) and used this as a template. I’ve hand sewn this and if you look closely at the picture you’ll see how uneven my hand sewing is! I’ve left a gap down one side to turn the triangle right side out – I marked this with 2 pins turned at rightangles to remind myself – and I reinforced my sewing at the opening by turning and sewinga few stitches back on myself.

bunting - showing the stitching


snipped corner


I trimmed the seams and snipped off the tips of the triangle to reduce the bulk there, so that it would have a strong point when turned. 

almost finished


I turned the triangle carefully so as not to rip out the stitches by the opening and used the tips of my small scissors to push the corners into shape.

I’ve pinned the opening and will stitch slip it to close.

I’m going to try a knitted bunting triangle next…

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