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June 29, 2010

Yes – after last nights meeting we are able to give you some details about membership of the Glossop Fibre Arts co-operative. Co-operative members will own members shares in their co-op and the co-op rules govern the shares, and how they can be repaid.

We agreed that membership would require a one-off  payment of £50. This could be paid in installments (e.g £5 for 10 months) or in one payment. We thought it important that it should be paid within a year of joining. As we are in the process of setting up our bank account we did not take money at the meeting but asked for pledges – 12 people pledged £50.

If someone wishes to invest more than £50 this is OK – well more than OK really 🙂 – but that member would still only have one vote regardless of how much they put in. One member, One vote.

The question of how long the shareholding is ‘locked’ – the period members will need to wait before they can withdraw their share- will be decided by members at the Annual General meeting but will probably be around 1 – 2 years. It  is however at the discretion of the committte to waive this requirement in cases of financial difficulty.

The financial benefits of being a member will be a discount on materials bought through the co-op, a discount on workshops and a favourable rate if selling through the co-op. There are also the important benefits of sharing skills, learning new skills, opportunities to develop skills associated with running the co-op,  joining the committee, meeting like minded people etc etc.

If you would like to join the co-operative and pledge your  contribution (no commitment at this stage) then please email us at and we will send you a form. We really hope to hear from you soon!

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