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June 26, 2010

 In our previous post we began a discussion about the values of the co-op. The members are at the heart of the co-op and this post will explore ideas about rights and responsibilities of membership.

The co-0p is an Industrial and Provident Society and as such all members have a role in its governance.

  • There will be regular members meetings and communication between members
  • There will be a board, or managing committee, elected at the Annual General Meeting
  • All members will be given a copy of the co-operatives rules which explain how the co-op is organised

You can become a member by buying a share in the co-operative. At our open meeting on Monday we will discuss what the minimum amout should be and arrangements to ensure that people are not stopped from becoming members because of cost – for example by being able to spread the cost over a year.

What do you get for your membership?

The moot* co-operative has three threads:

  • offering membership discounts on materials bought through the co-op
  • offering membership discounts on workshops
  • support for developing artists

These areas are still very general and at Mondays meeting we will begin to flesh out the detail. Ideas include having a shop,  a market stall, a regular event, regular workshops some facilitated by co-op members and some as masterclasses, an arts and crafts market.

If you can’t come to Mondays meeting but are interested please leave a comment…

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