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We have a co-op!!

May 26, 2010

We have some excellent news to share today – after 10 months of consultation,discussion and hard work the co-operative registration papers were signed today. This is because of everyone who has contributed ideas, completed questionairres, come along to a meeting or to the moot. Thank you. We now have a sound foundation for the future development of the co-operative.

The small group who (last July) agreed to go away and form the co-op and explore the business planning have organised a meeting for all those interested in knowing more about and/or joining the co-op.The meeting details are:

Monday 28 June, Casey Hall, Bradbury House, Glossop, 7.15 – 9pm.

This meeting is open to all and we will be using the local press and putting up posters to advertise the meeting, so please tell your friends. At the heart of the co-op is the idea of common ownership, and members will own shares and can have a role in running the co-op if they wish to. Membership will be open to anyone with an interest in fibre arts, from beginners to professionals and the emphasis will be on affordable materials, developing skills and gaining new inspiration

The co-op will promote a three way approach to supporting fibre artists ,through selling materials, organising workshops and providing opportunities to exhibit and sell members’ work. This is alongside Moot* events which will be for textile artists and hobbyists to meet up and share their work. Over the past 10 months the group have received legal and financial planning advice funded by Co-ops UK, done surveys to research demand and organised get togethers for local people who might be interested in the project. During this time they have also developed their web presence through a blog, twitter and a Ravelry group which the group hope will now be making the most of to promote the Co-op to potential members.

At the meeting we will be talking more about the co-op and the benefits of membership, passing on the knowledge that we have gained during the training/advice sessions with Dave Hollins and Adrian Ashton.

Lastly, another date for your diary – we are organising a Moot* Barbeque on Sunday 11 July. If you would like to help with this please drop me a line.

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