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News from the moot

February 28, 2010

We had a great time yesterday – about 20 people came along to our moot at the Labour Club. We met some really interesting people – there were friends from previous meetings and we got to put faces to names from the mailing list.  Kate and Audrey from the yarn collective in Manchestercame along as did Michelle and others from the knitting group at The Oakwood  (Knit one, sip to… meets Thursdays at 8pm) and Chris and friends from the Embroiderers Guild.

One of our aims was to gather ideas for the co-op. What should be stocked? What workshops are people interested in? How much should the minimum investment in the co-op be? We also had some ideas about the benefits members of the co-op would get – discounts on materials, equipment and workshops seem to be most popular. Anna wrote a questionnaire (which everyone kindly filled in. Thank you.) and we will email it to everyone on the mailing list but if you would like to send us your ideas please get in touch.

More news and photos to follow…

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