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Moot! Saturday 27th February, 10.30am – 12.30 Glossop Labour Club

February 20, 2010

So that we can make informed decisions on the way forward, we need to have a better idea of what you, potential co-op members, might wish to purchase through the co-op and guage the level of interest, so…..

…To this end (and as an excuse for a bit of a get together) we hoped we might tempt you out for some cake, chat, update on the co-op and a touchy-feely experience – we have samples of yarns that the co-op could supply and would like to hear your suggestions on what supplies would be of interest to you.

Colinette yarns including their latest colours

So far, we have samples from Artesana (soft alpaca, silk blends, ) fair trade yarns from Manos del Uruguay (100% wool and a silk/wool blend) & Colinette (brilliant colours, intriguing textures) plus sustainable birch wood needles from Brittany Needles.

mmmm... alpaca, silk, wool

We decided to call this event a “moot”, and then it occurred to us that “Moot” was a rather good name for the co-op, because it reflects the idea of bringing together people who are involved in a range of different fibre arts, and this has always been central to the idea of the co-op. So we’re waving goodbye to “Glossop Textile Arts” and hello to “Moot*” (although we’re still using the Glossop Textile Arts email address for the moment…)

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